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Unveiling the Revolutionary Impact: How Social Media Transforms Consumer Purchasing Patterns

Muhammad Tahir

10 July, 2023

Unveiling the Revolutionary Impact: How Social Media Transforms Consumer Purchasing Patterns

Social media has completely transformed the way we interact, communicate, and consume information over the past decade. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, with billions of users worldwide, have become deeply ingrained in our daily lives. However, these platforms have had a significant impact on consumer purchasing patterns and are much more than just social networking tools. In this article, we will explore how social media influences consumer behavior and how businesses can leverage it to succeed in the digital world.

According to Forbes, social media posts from friends have an impact on 81% of customers’ buying decisions. Moreover, 66% of consumers have been motivated to buy from a new brand by following social media posts from other customers (Stackla). Additionally, referrals from social media increase the likelihood of purchase for consumers by 71%.

The integration of social media and marketing is no secret. Social media marketing undoubtedly has a profound influence on customer behavior. By establishing a social media presence for your business, you can enhance customer engagement, provide excellent service, promote your brand, and generate more revenue. With social media marketing strategies, businesses can promote their brand, sell products, and increase consumer engagement.

The features and capabilities provided by social media platforms allow businesses and enterprises to showcase their products and attract new customers. For example, users of various social networking platforms can explore and purchase items directly from the app. By creating interesting and relevant content, businesses and brands can capture and retain the attention of customers who are seeking solutions to their needs and desires.

Social media as a source of information and evaluation: social media also influences consumer behaviour by providing consumers with information and opinions that enable them to evaluate their options and make informed decisions. Many consumers read reviews on forums or social media to assess a product or service before making a purchase. Social media reviews can significantly impact consumer behavior, either convincing or deterring people from purchasing a particular product or service.

Social media as a source of action and advocacy: social media also influences customer behavior by facilitating their advocacy and actions. Thanks to social media, consumers can now make purchases directly from the platforms they are using, without having to leave the app or visit another social site. This makes the purchasing process simpler, more convenient, and faster, reducing the likelihood of customers changing their minds or losing interest.

Additionally, social media empowers users to influence the behavior of others by sharing their experiences and opinions. Customers can recommend products and services to their family, friends, and followers by posting reviews, ratings, images, videos, or stories about their purchases or experiences. This can result in positive word-of-mouth, increased awareness, and interest in the companies and brands they support. Conversely, dissatisfied customers can discourage others from purchasing products or services by sharing negative reviews or complaints.

In today’s world, social media significantly influences how customers allocate their money. It plays a crucial role in shaping consumer behavior throughout the discovery, evaluation, purchase, and promotion stages of goods and services. Businesses and brands must understand how social media affects consumer behavior in order to leverage its potential and benefit both their clients and themselves. By creating compelling content, providing helpful information, facilitating seamless transactions, and encouraging positive feedback, businesses and brands can use social media to increase consumer trust, loyalty, and advocacy.

Muhammad Tahir

Muhammad Tahir

Muhammad Tahir is a sales professional working as Regional Sales Manager at Nishat-sutas Dairy (Pak-Turk joint venture). He also has exposure of serving at different multinational companies in different roles.