United Nations Academic Impact & Social Entrepreneurship Program

Social Entrepreneurship Program is an altruistic unit of CMACED serving humanity. The SEP is adding value and creating hope in the society. This program is meant to empower Pakistani Youth with indigenous education and training program to create a social change through community outreach initiative that ultimately led towards a prosperous Pakistan. All the activities or projects of this unit are based on the principles of UNAI which are Capacity Building in higher education system, Commitment to the United Nation Charter, Education opportunity for all and Higher education opportunity for every interested individual.

Capacity Building in higher education system is the principle of UNAI on which SEP is effectuating a Youth Capacity Building Training in which we built captivity in the students, identify their inner skills and polish them. We offer Active Citizenship Program (ACP) to muster the principle of Capacity Building in higher education system. ACP envisages a world in which these increasing connections lead to a positive outcome. Vision of this program is a world where people empowered to engage peacefully and effectively with others for the sustainable development of their communities. We trained around 2000 students and did 50 trainings.

Another awe-inspiring program through which we exercise the principle of – Education opportunity for all. This program revolves around the very idea of making Pakistan economically superior by empowering women who are 52% of total population. It includes a Women Entrepreneurship Bootcamp where not only technical trainings are offered but also soft skills sessions are conducted. This program is an astounding experience for women from all the strata of society where we are also focusing specially on marginalized/unprivileged community engagement and hope to bring in light not only households, but operations. Last year there were 50 females who participated and a 15 lac of disembarrassment of seed investments for startups.

To effectuate the principle of commitment to United Nations Charter, UNSDG’s purveys a mission every year named MISSION ESSAR. This mission enabled our youth to be socially responsible and understand the true spirit of volunteerism. Project ESSAR provided ration to families around us who suffered great deal due to work suspension during lockdown. Not only ration, but medical supplies and other basic necessities of more than one lac families were provided to households through the drive.

SAP Resole is an Active Citizens Climate Change Social Action project of Social Entrepreneurship Program. This project is basically to control the pollution by realizing used tyres burning cause air pollution, for that they came up with an idea to make shoes and could be reusable again for other purposes in future. The initiative is to control air pollutions and increase employment by establishing this social venture. Idea of this project is to recycle tyres and transform them into wearable shoes. Initially they will get the used and damaged tyres from the truck station, where used tyres are available. It will be a one-time investment business model and it is a product-based social venture. We will initiate our venture with the contribution of seed funding then we will be able to set up and scale up our operations with a nominal profit margins in shoes selling made from used tyres, these shoes are very innovative, focused on comfort along with an attractive design, these shoes are very cheap in price and also very long lasting. The revenue of 1lac was generated from this project and it provided employment opportunities for 5 persons.

Another project that clinches the principle of Higher Education opportunity for every interested individual. Water Aerators project is based on tackling an environmental issue to save the water at domestic level. They coined the idea of inserting the water aerators to the conventional taps in order to reduce the wastage of water. Project water aerators tackles the major issue around the globe that is shortage of water. A whole team is involved in this project that includes 6 members, who combined to work upon the global issue wastage of natural resources i.e., water. They put forth a solution of installing the water aerators to the conventional taps to reduce the quantity of water without disturbing the flow of water. They implemented the idea at the location which reduced the water wastage to about 30%. This project is a huge benefit to the domestic applications where the wastage of water is excessive whether it is doing basic household, washing a car, bathing etc.

Moringa Plant Project imputes to resolve the two problems of unemployment and pollution. As global warming is rising day by day due to increase in pollution and because of this plant and trees are dying rapidly. And during Covid-19 many people lost their jobs. So, this project is addressing both these problems and we will provide solutions. This Moringa Plant helps to reduce global warming and as well provide oil and powder which is used in medicine. This moringa plant will help to change the climate and also in future because this plant produces oil and powder, so many factories want this to produce medicine and for this people will get hired or instead they will sell to people.

Organo Extracts is a project in which students will change animals dungs into Biogas generation. This project has potential and it will work for so many years. The benefits of this project are Biogas is Eco-Friendly, Biogas Generation reduces soil and water pollution, Biogas Generation produces organic fertilizers. A simple and low-cost technology that encourages a circular economy. So, they can make bio-gas which will be initially used to operate tube wells. Through this project, they will produce economical gas. That gas is very nature friendly even there is no effect of this gas while burning to harm our environment. In our society, all economic class (Socio-economic class, middle class & lower class) can afford this easily. The gas we are producing will become the basic need of every family/village.

Organic Dajaj is the idea that is dealing with another problem of synthetic food (broiler chicken) that is completely grown up in a span of 45 days but resulting in human body hormones disorders and ultimately affecting the health of youth in a negative manner. This social start-up is providing fine, best quality organic meat (Golden misri) to make Pakistani nation healthier at a reasonable price instead of using synthetic food and spoiling the health of the nation. They have started this initiative with a pilot test of 700 chicks (golden misri) at the rooftop of our house and after successful experimentation we have rented a place (farm) for a new flock of 9000 chickens that were supposed to grow up in a natural environment. Currently, we have planted 500 moringa plants. Currently, organic Dajaj is serving 5,000 customers including university faculty, staff, students and general public by providing healthy organic chicken.

To change the standards of our society, we can’t just offer a product sold to consumers, but a solution that proves our sustainable processes are an environment, social and financial improvement to the norm. Whatever we do it makes a difference and everybody have to decide what kind of difference they want to make.