The Superior Group’s Educators Exchange Program fully funded by US State Department  

Expanding its footprints

The Superior Group is an exalted group of excellence due to its innovative approach to ensuring student success and driving excellence in learning, innovation, and research. To expand our footprints, the educators and administrators from the Superior Group attended Educator’s Exchange program, fully funded by the U.S. state department. The execution partner for this program is Oakland University, the University of USA, and the Superior Group. Oakland University hosted a group of Educators/Administrators from Pakistan for a program that empowered them to better serve students with learning disabilities and promote inclusiveness in the classroom. The Exchange for Pakistani Secondary Educators/Administrators (EPSEA), Equity, Access, and Learning Disability in Secondary Schools in Pakistan, is made possible through a two-year, $400,000 grant from the U.S. Department of State. The teachers also traveled to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., for a week to learn about U.S. history and government. O.U. faculty will keep in touch with them over the next academic year, and the group will return to campus in the summer of 2023. 

In his interview, Mr. Muneeb Ahmad, Director- Superior Foundation & Deputy Director of CMACED and the administrator for this delegation of educators, said, “It is an excellent opportunity for The Superior Group and Pakistan to learn new pedagogies and implement them in our education system. Such types of grants and funding opportunities must be available to the Pakistani education system so that we may contribute to the success of our Superior Pakistan”. The crux of the interview that Ms. Rosemary Max, OU’s executive director of global engagement and principal investigator of the grant, gave; said, “We are immensely grateful for this grant and for the opportunity to promote equity and inclusion. Around the globe.” “This collaboration will provide Pakistani teachers with tools and strategies to serve their student’s diverse needs and share what they are learning here with fellow teachers, students, and families in Pakistan.” 

Chaudhary Muhammad Akram Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CMACED) is an ebullient unit of this university and is all about transmuting the students’ lives to ultimate success. This unit is a place that provides students with the assurance, knowledge, and technology they need to convert an entrepreneurial idea into a growing reality. It has always been leading the entrepreneurship drive from the front so that we may set an example for others on how mindsets evolve for a more significant cause of making Pakistan economically Superior. CMACED pioneered and advanced the teaching methods for the entrepreneurial revolution in Pakistan. To teach entrepreneurship, our seven phased pedagogies include Entrepreneurial mindset in action, Idea Generation, Prototyping, Poster Exhibition, Entrepreneurial Forum, Business Model, and Art of the pitch. These pedagogies have played a significant role in developing an entrepreneurial mindset in Pakistan to foster the growth of small and medium businesses can be a crucial indicator of economic and social development. We are firm believers in collaborating to accomplish social and economic improvement. To avail, one such opportunity of growth and innovation for The Superior Group our remarkable administrator, Mr. Muneeb Ahmad have joined this program on Oakland’s campus for a series of seminars taught by faculty members from O.U.’s School of Education and Human Services and School of Health Sciences. They also met with O.U. leaders from various departments to learn about the breadth of services and supports offered at a U.S. university. In addition, the program included classroom observation at Eton Academy. This Metro Detroit School specializes in teaching students who learn differently and visits Detroit area cultural centers and events hosted by Global Ties Detroit.

Competition makes us faster; collaboration makes us better.

The model we are already using is a scrutinized, buoyant, and successful framework. For the past year, we’ve been working with it; it is implemented in 8 departments and 15 programs, with 1176 students trained rigorously in Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship for experiential market understanding. After one year of meritorious growth, we have 28 successful startups and 11 Scale-Ups. Our student employment ratio’s success rate is 76%, and 25-35% of our students are employed during their education. Through this program, we are arduous to shrunken the industry-academia gap too. This stirring technique is research-oriented, and this ingenious approach is helping us in producing 21st-century ready graduates for society. We not only aim to flourish and nift our university students, but we want it to spread into each city of Pakistan so that every child can be skillful and wise and can stand on their own. We are hankering to bring out a positive change in our education and hauling for the expansion/ progress in Pakistan’s economic growth.

The mission of Superior University is to make Pakistan economically and socially superior with the help of exceptional ideas which become prodigiously beneficial for our country. The ecosystem is thriving, more youth are considering entrepreneurship as a viable career option, and the investment landscape is structuring in the country. Youth is an asset to our country. A majority of our youngsters are jobless because passed graduates and job ratios per year are not even nearly equal, so there is a dire need for entrepreneurs and youngsters who can innovate. Only then can we think of making Pakistan progressive.