Power of Influencer Marketing; Trigger to consumer behaviour and Brand Recognition

Power of Influencer Marketing Trigger to consumer behaviour and Brand Recognition
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Power of Influencer Marketing; Trigger to consumer behaviour and Brand Recognition

Fariha Fawad

Power of Influencer Marketing Trigger to consumer behaviour and Brand Recognition

In today’s digital world, social media has a huge impact on what we buy. People often turn to their social circles for advice before making purchases. This shift in consumer behavior poses a big challenge for companies trying to stand out. Social media, especially with the rise of influencers, is crucial in shaping brand recognition and consumer choices. Whether it’s the stars of Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, these influencers have a knack for swaying the opinions and actions of their followers. They’re like modern-day storytellers, breathing life into brands and making them connect with us on a personal level.

In 2021, investment in influencer marketing was 13 million dollars; growth in this market is exponential, and it is expected that by 2028 it will reach 84.89 million dollars (Influencer Marketing Hub, 2022). In addition, in 2021 two-thirds of companies increased their influencer marketing budgets, and 80% of companies surveyed plan to allocate at least 10% of their marketing budgets to this approach.

In Pakistan, during the Covid -19 pandemic, there was a rise in use of social media marketing and most of the people were inclined towards an online shopping trend and had a great digital retail experience. Followed with trend organizations preferred to make online shopping simplify to attract their audience and tried to convince them to buy the required product at home.

So, because of an online shopping the most of influencers in market got the recognition during Covid-19 pandemic and the earning trend for influencers is on rise as compared to other media persons. The first Pakistani Influencer Industry titled Pakistan Overview 2021–2022, was released by Walee.pk in August 2022. Over 150,000+ big influencers have registered on the influencer marketing platform Walee, which connects businesses and media agencies with influencers for the implementation of online campaigns. The co-founder and CEO of Walee.pk, Muhammad Ahsan Tahir, claims that “the influencer marketing industry of Pakistan has seen a 60-70% YoY growth in the last three years.”

Transforming Consumer Behavior

Influencers aren’t just pretty faces on screens; they’re experts in their niches. Their expertise on the subject makes them authority over that niche. So, when some famous influencer tells the consumer about the product that it’s a good product they trust it, like it and when they like it, they buy it.

No influencer is an influencer if he/she does not command trust of his/her followers.  When they post using a new product on their page it triggers that psychological phenomenon called social proof. Follower’s trust light switches on (well usually) & the thinking process starts: If it’s good enough for his or her it’s good enough for me.

Ever wondered why consumers like their favorite celebrity’s holiday clicks or those behind-the-scenes reels. Those lovely clicks or behind-the-scenes reels create a secretive emotional connection that emotionally ties a follower with the influencer. So, you and I subconsciously start living the life style of the influencer. Their choices become our choices. Their likes become our likes and the list goes on. Who likes to be the last one left in the room, this phenomenon is Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).

Influencers know it best & just how to trigger it. Those limited time offers, discounts or my personal favorite!!! behind-the-scenes sneak peak of that new product joint everyone has been talking about makes you think that I have to go to check this out.

Building Brand Recognition

Trust is the foundation for making brand stronger, and influencers plays an integral role in building it. As compared to the tradition ads consumers tend to place more trust in influencers’ recommendations. By making collaborations with influencers who genuinely believe in their products or services, in this process brands can earn authenticity points, bolstering their brand image.

Choosing influencers just based on the following count is not effective. Authenticity matters a lot. There is a very strong and delicate connection between the influencer creativity and brand recognition. Influencers across all over have a greater responsibility to make and align their content with brand image. Openly paid partnerships ensure the trustworthiness of both brands and influencers in the eyes of the audience.

So, to sum it up, whether we like it or not influencer marketing is a thing that is here to stay.  Influencer marketing offering brands a vibrant and authentic way to connect with audience and plays an integral part in the modern marketing strategies, transform consumer perspectives and building brand image.

By using the charismatic power of influencer brand can easily engage and build a long-lasting relationship with target audience. Influencers engaged followers in their content which not only extend your scope but also increase your brand awareness. The Gen Z gives a high value to their favorite influencer’s opinions and readily act upon their recommendations. Brand can quickly use this trust and build credibility for themselves.


Fariha Fawad

Fariha Fawad

Fariha Fawad, as lecturer of business technology AFD, ACCA in SKANS school of accountancy Lahore. With an extensive 15 years of professional experience in the field of education. She is recognized as the best performer in academia. She is dedicated to continuous learning and staying up to date on current industrial dynamics.


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