The No. 1 Entrepreneurship Institute of the World, Babson College USA, has declared Superior University as the first-ever Collaborative Partner from Pakistan

Superior University has achieved a remarkable feat by proudly becoming the first collaborative partner of Babson College, the world’s No. 1 Entrepreneurial Institute based in the USA. This announcement marks a transformative moment in academic partnerships, uniting the strengths of Superior University with the renowned entrepreneurial prowess of Babson College.

Babson College, recognized as the No. 1 entrepreneurial institute globally for an impressive 27 times by U.S. News & World Report, is renowned for its commitment to fostering innovation and cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit. The college consistently produces graduates well-prepared to navigate the dynamic and competitive landscape of the business world.

Superior University’s journey toward this prestigious collaboration began with visionary leadership in 2016. The leadership recognized the need to break away from traditional educational norms and create a more holistic system that would foster entrepreneurship, raising the slogan that ‘Superior would not become a factory of unemployed youth.’

The university launched the Entrepreneurial Teaching and Training Program (ETTP) with the primary objective of creating an ecosystem that transforms student mindsets into job creators rather than mere job seekers. This comprehensive initiative extended across all disciplines, including Business, Computing, Engineering, Healthcare, and Social Sciences.

To successfully implement the ETTP and achieve its objectives, Superior University decided to develop the entire ecosystem. It started with training the faculty through a specially designed Coach Capacity Building Program. To further enhance the program’s credibility, the faculty got certified by none other than Babson College. This initiative injected a global perspective into Superior’s academic framework, ensuring students receive top-notch entrepreneurial education.

The university adopted a unique experiential learning framework known as 3U1M, which means 3 years in university and 1 year in the market. The student journey at Superior University starts with a Freshman Program aimed at teaching students life management skills, where students get introduced to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship to set the tone right.

Throughout the three years of on-campus academic journey, the university follows a Project-Based Learning strategy, encouraging entrepreneurial projects. In the second year, students become familiarized with social entrepreneurship, followed by a dedicated Entrepreneurship Teaching and Training course in the third year. The 1M year, or the fourth year, empowers students with choices to start their businesses, scale up existing ventures, or become valuable resources within leading corporate entities, adding value as intrapreneurs.

Superior University’s unwavering commitment to holistic entrepreneurship education was acknowledged by Babson College, solidifying the prestigious partnership between the two institutions. This collaboration serves as a testament to Superior University’s dedication to fostering a conducive environment for entrepreneurial development, aligning seamlessly with Babson College USA.

This collaboration with Babson College not only enriches Superior University with entrepreneurial expertise but also facilitates cultural and knowledge exchange for the students and faculty members. As the leading entrepreneurial institution in Pakistan, the institution is dedicated to learning and implementing Babson’s best practices while also sharing these insights with other institutions of Pakistan, catalyzing a positive transformation in the entrepreneurial landscape nationwide.