As a celebration of the grassroots innovators, hackers, and makers in Pakistan, Superior Maker Festival (SMF) is a testament to the DIY (Do It Yourself) mindset and the global maker movement. 


A series of workshops, including the Volunteer Training Workshop, Art of Recycling Workshop and Content Writing Workshop ensured the festival’s smooth running. The Volunteer Training Workshop led by Mam Rida (Assistant Manager ETTP), Mam Sidra (Executive EETP), Sir Syed Ali (Assistant Manager SEP) covered various topics including logistics, communication, customer service, and emergency procedures. Volunteers were trained in how they would present their ideas, interact with experienced people, encourage them to ask questions and seek clarification about the event.

Art of Recycling Workshop aimed to inspire participants to create art using recycled materials and raise awareness about the importance of sustainability. Participants were provided with an overview of the materials that can be recycled and how they can be used to create beautiful and unique pieces of art. 

Content Writing Workshop taught participants how to write engaging and effective content for various media including websites, social media, and marketing materials. This workshop covers a range of topics, including the fundamentals of good writing and writing for different audiences. Overall, the workshop was an engaging and enlightening experience for all participants, and it equipped them with the skills and knowledge necessary to write compelling content.


In the final day of the Superior Maker Fest various competition took place including the Sustainability solution Challenge, Startup Idea Pitch Competition, Art and Design, Coding Challenges and many more. There were also many talks and presentations by industry experts covering innovation, creativity and sustainability. Overall, the Superior Maker Festival celebrated creativity, innovation and collaboration that provided a platform for makers, artists, designers and innovations to showcase their skills and ideas and inspire others.

Speeches from our chief guests Mr. Farhan Aziz Khawaja CEO – Small and Medium Enterprize Development Authority (SMEDA) and Mr. Omer Sarfaraz Cheema (Former Governor of Punjab) were given.  


The Round Table Conference brought together 15 participates from both industry and academia, including CEOs, professors, and entrepreneurs who underscored the significance of industry-academia linkages in fostering an environment conducive to developing innovative ideas and successful business ventures. On their brief discussion on different themes, they discussed the need to bridge the gap between industry and academia by implementing initiatives such as internships, joint research projects, and industry-specific courses.


An initiative was taken to start a series of women entrepreneurs named TED-WEE. The first TED talk was organized at Superior Maker Fest. In this series, women entrepreneurs were invited to share what they had to say about how their entrepreneurial journey went on and in what ways it empowered them. There were 6 participates during the TED Talk, they emphasized the importance of empowering women by recognizing their own worth, value their capacity and for their rights about making their own life decision. The event highlighted the potential of women to lead and create change through entrepreneurship, inspiring and motivating women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and use their skills and talents to positively impact the world.


The Tech Fest Competition offered the three categories this year – Basic Programming, Web Development and Application Development. 20 participations, led by Muhammad Arif (Software Engineering Department Superior University), were judged based on various factors, including creativity, functionality, and originality.

Blog Writing Competition at Superior Maker Fest challenged all 10 participants, led by Sana Shehriyar (Manager Communications Department Superior University), to explore the theme of “Sustainable Solutions”. This year’s topic was ” Role of universities in nurturing sustainable solutions”. Participants were encouraged to think outside the box and share their most innovative ideas.

The Poster Design Competition united talented designers promoting sustainable living through impactful designs. There were 10 participants that were led by Saba Sajid (Lecturer Mass Communication Department Superior University).

The Social Media Influencer competition was held to identify the most talented social media influencers and give them a platform to showcase their skills. 45 participants, led by Jawad Saeed (Advisor Photography Society Superior University), were required to submit a 2-minute video showcasing their creative abilities and engagement with their audience.

The Painting Competition was designed to provide a platform for artists to showcase their creativity, connect with fellow artists, and engage with a wider audience. 25 participants, led by Farhana Rasheed (Lecturer Art & Design Department Superior University), were required to create an original painting using any medium they preferred, such as oil, acrylics, watercolors, or mixed media.

The Art of Recycling Competition challenged all 25 participants, led by Farhana Rasheed (Lecturer Art & Design Department Superior University), to create unique and compelling works of art using only recycled materials to promote sustainability and environmental awareness. 

The Photographic Competition invited 25 participants, led by Jawad Saeed (Advisor Photography Society Superior University), to submit their best work, with the goal of promoting creativity and artistic expression in the medium of photography.

Sustainable Solutions Challenge challenged all 20 participants, led by Eng. Nauman Latif (Lecturer Department of Aviation Superior University), to develop sustainable solutions to a variety of real-world problems, ranging from waste reduction and energy conservation to sustainable agriculture and transportation.

The Startup Idea Pitch Competition challenged 20 participants, led by Rubeen Akhtar (Advisor Entrepreneurial Society Superior University), to pitch their best startup ideas to a panel of judges to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the local community. Overall, the competition was a tremendous success, demonstrating the power of entrepreneurship and innovation to drive positive change and create new opportunities for growth and success.


ETTP & SEP Projects Exhibition featured 16 startups in the fields of technology, healthcare, renewable energy, waste management, education, finance, and textiles. The festival provided an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas and connect with potential customers and investors.

Creative Art Exhibition showcasing talented artists from the local community and beyond including paintings, sculptures, photography, installations, and digital art. The exhibition provided a platform for artists to gain exposure, connect with potential buyers, and showcase their talent to a broader audience.

The Aircraft Scaled Models exhibition showcased advancements in aircraft technology, engaging attendees with hands-on activities and flight simulators. The Air Crafts Exhibition was a great success, attracting hundreds of visitors from all over the university and colleges.

The Auto show Exhibition showcased the latest trends and technologies in the automobile industry, attracting hundreds of visitors from all over the university and colleges to participated in test drives and ride-Along’s, took part in driving simulators, and even met and talked with industry experts

Art Performance provided a platform for students to showcase their skills in various art forms, including cultural dance and musical performances. From painting to sculpture, digital art to performance art, the performances featured a wide range of mediums and styles that are sure to captivate and inspire the audiences.

The Prize Distribution Ceremony at the end of Superior Maker Fest distributed the cash prices among winners bringing excitement and celebration among the attendees. The ceremony recognized and rewarded the winners of various competitions and events for their outstanding creativity and hard work. 

Sustainability and the do-it-yourself culture are crucial for a better future. This festival inspires a new generation of entrepreneurs committed to sustainable solutions, cultivating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. With support from everyone, Superior Maker Fest aims to make a positive impact in the World.