SEE Pakistan 2023: Igniting Entrepreneurial Potential on the Biggest Stage by APSUP


Welcome to SEE Pakistan 2023, the most prestigious entrepreneurial expo being held in Pakistan for the five years. SEE Pakistan 2023 is being presented by the Association of Private Sector Universities of Pakistan (APSUP) with its core aim to provide a platform for emerging entrepreneurs and foster their innovations by acting as a mediator between budding startups, investors and entrepreneurial gurus.

The event is scheduled to celebrate the spirit of Independence in exclusive relation to Pakistan Independence Day on 14th August. It is pertinent to mention that despite the most crucial times of economic and political instability in the country, Pakistani youth is full of potential to surprise the world with their creativity and entrepreneurial insights. SEE Pakistan promises to create job creators instead of job seekers, who will contribute to expand the career prospects in the country.

With the ssupport of numerous international and national partners, SEE Pakistan is set to showcase the brightest startup talents from Superior University, APSUP member universities and also public sector universities from across Pakistan.

The event is going to create unparalleled opportunities for growth, investment, and collaboration between stakeholders including students, investors, entrepreneurship development authorities and universities.

Unveiling The World Startup Championship (WSC 2023)

WSC 2023, a cornerstone of SEE Pakistan that identifies the most innovative startups, is all set to propel entrepreneurship and drive positive change in the economy of Pakistan. With a focus on fostering job creation and inclusivity, WSC 2023 seeks out dynamic startups from diverse sectors, including agriculture, healthcare, climate change, technology, and education. The championship not only offers a chance to compete for the prestigious title but also provides a global platform to amplify the impact of these game-changing ventures.

Pre-Event Excitement

The journey to SEE Pakistan 2023 begins with regional rounds and semi-finals, where the top 100 national and international startups will receive intensive training and mentorship. Concurrently, an array of workshops and training sessions will equip participants, ushers, educators, deans, and heads of departments with leadership, communication, and entrepreneurial skills. The Battle of the Bands regional round will bring a vibrant fusion of music and innovation to the event. Additionally, the event will honour entrepreneurial excellence and recognize academic achievements in higher education institutes.

Driving Entrepreneurial Revolution through Peer Partnerships

SEE Pakistan 2023, powered by CMACED, is garnering a great collaboration with renowned institutions such as the University of Lahore (UOL), The University of Faisalabad (TUF), and Superior University. These esteemed partners, known for their commitment to education and entrepreneurship, have joined hands to make this event a resounding success.

Exciting Attractions Await

The allure of SEE Pakistan 2023 lies not only in the celebration of entrepreneurial spirit but also in the fantastic opportunities it offers. Startups stand a chance to win a grand prize of $100,000 and secure potential funding of up to $ 1 Million to support their dreams. The event promises to serve as an unmatched networking and collaboration platform, connecting national and international startups with industry experts, investors, and mentors. Furthermore, the event will feature admission stalls from prestigious national and international universities, providing valuable opportunities for aspiring students to seek quality education in Pakistan and abroad.

On the expo day, panel discussions, graced by government officials, celebrities, and university delegates, will delve into the future of entrepreneurship, fostering insightful conversations and inspiring the next generation of change-makers. WSC 2023 finalists will also exhibit their groundbreaking projects, vying for the coveted championship title.

Conclusion SEE Pakistan 2023 is a game-changing event that not only elevates the entrepreneurial landscape of Pakistan but also propels the nation towards a brighter and more innovative future. Through its partnership with APSUP, CMACED, and leading educational institutions like UOL, TUF, and Superior University, this event promises to cultivate an ecosystem of entrepreneurship, empower startups to thrive and contribute to the nation’s economic growth. Join us at SEE Pakistan 2023 and witness the transformational power of entrepreneurship. Let us build a future for an economically Superior Pakistan where innovation knows no bounds.