OMG Startup Junior PR

Chaudhary Muhammad Akram Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CMACED) has set an extraordinary example of students’ success through innovative teaching and training pedagogies. For entrepreneurial revolution CMACED innovated and avant-garde the teaching methods. Startup Junior by Oh My Genius -a kid’s entrepreneurship program which is an absolute amalgamation of fun, learning and innovation. The spirit of OMG is to bring in a change on the grassroot level so that young minds learn to dream, train to make dreams become reality. Through OMG all the private school stakeholders identified their true entrepreneurial potential. This program fostered independent and positive thinking amongst children to identify opportunities, define their goals, take responsibility and to sharpen the analytical and problem- solving skills.

Dr. Sumaira Rehman brought the entrepreneurial revolution in Pakistan. She always emboldens the students with the essence of entrepreneurship and asserts that entrepreneurship is the act of creating a business while building and scaling it to generate a profit but the more modern entrepreneurship is also about transforming the world by solving big problems and changing the mindsets.

Mr. Muneeb Ahmed (Deputy Director CMCED) is the advisor of OMG. Ms Tabinda Islam (Assistant Director PR & Outreach) is the program leader. This program will help the kids to identify opportunities and inculcating strong belief in themselves and their abilities. OMG connects our schools to the industry gurus so that corporate linkages are redefined at the grassroot level. This program we believe will do miracles in changing mindsets.

In the bootcamp qualified trainers will engage the participant kids through various learning and entertaining activities which will improve their psychological capabilities towards an entrepreneurial mindset. The kids will get to work on cool projects, hands-on activities, engage in fun, and developing real-world products. The Bootcamp will contain both non-tech and tech-based activities. This will make them able to think out of the box and to be ready to take steps towards their future aim.

As per the latest National Human Development Report by UNDP, Pakistan is going through a ‘youth bulge’ where more than two-thirds of the population comprises of young people. A country with very young demographics (more than 60 percent of the population under 30 years of age) the potential for entrepreneurship is immense. It all started with a seemingly off-hand remark about a persistent problem. Unemployment rates in Pakistan are high, so practically there is a need for our young nation to be entrepreneurs.

Despite promising trends, Pakistan still has a long way to go before it can call itself a mature startup market. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI) 2020, Pakistan stands at 109 out of 137 countries.

Young children are the asset of our country. If we want to initiate the trend of innovation in our country than from the school levels, we have to haul the innovation in our teaching pedagogies, only then we can transfer this into the next generation and can innovate the Pakistan.