MOU signing of CMACED with Ejad Labs

An ebullient unit of Superior University, Chaudhary Muhammad Akram Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CMACED) is a quintessential and a verve enterprise to form an entrepreneurial mindset. This place gears the students with certainty, expertise, and gizmo to turn an entrepreneurial idea into a growing reality. We always believe in joining hands to bring social and economic growth because 

Competition makes us faster; collaboration makes us better.

This time the two delegates of CMACED attended the Pakistan Tech Summit which is organized to build bridges between Pakistan and emerging tech ecosystems. The conference in Istanbul acted as a platform for collaboration between Turkey and Pakistan showcasing a high-profile delegation of 200+ entrepreneurs, technology experts, government officials, and dignitaries from Pakistan along with some of the top business leaders, startups, government officials, and technology experts of Turkish ecosystem and in this summit CMACED got the opportunity to make a strong liaison with our national entrepreneurial players.

In this summit, CMACED and Ejad Labs signed a partnership of entete with Ejad Labs, Ms. Tabinda Islam, Assistant Director of PR and Marketing and Global Outreach Manager Ms. Hina Tariq signed the partnership on the behalf of CMACED. They host a series of international summits, deliver unique development programs in South Asia, North, America, and Europe, partnering with the governments, corporates, startups, and entrepreneurs to pioneer a new way of business. 

Together we will be expanding the footprints of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and innovating and growing the ecosystem. Through such events and activities, the ecosystem enhances the chances of meeting like-minded entrepreneurs, potential investors, as well as suppliers and partners. A thriving startup ecosystem boosts the economy, creates a talent pool, and generates jobs locally.