Mango Fest 2023: A Celebration of the King of Fruits

The Mango Fest 2023 was a networking event and celebration of the king of fruits, mango. The event was presented by SEE Pakistan with the collaboration of Ejad Labs in The Superior University Gold campus. Ejad Labs has been hosting international summits and delivering a unique development program in South Asia, North America & Europe. SEE Pakistan is a balanced mix of visibility, exhibition, and networking opportunities. This event was a celebration of the delectable king of fruits and a unique opportunity for professionals, marketings team, software houses, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, educationalists, and mango enthusiasts to network and learn about See Pakistan and Ejad labs. Held in a vibrant atmosphere, the festival aimed to showcase the innovative and entrepreneurial potential of the youth of Pakistan.

There was a delegate from The University of Sialkot and The University of Faisalabad, who are also partners and collaborators of SEE Pakistan.

A Celebration of Mango:

The Mango Fest 2023 showcased the rich cultural heritage associated with mangoes in Pakistan. The event featured stalls offering an impressive assortment of mango varieties from different regions of the country. From the renowned Sindhri and Chaunsa to the lesser-known Anwar Ratol and Langra, visitors indulged in an exquisite mango-tasting experience. Additionally, various food vendors presented an array of mango-infused dishes, from traditional desserts like mango lassi and mango kulfi to innovative delicacies like mango honey and mango salsa.

The theme of the event was all-around mangos. The venue was decorated with mango-themed decorations, with mango-shaped balloons and streamers everywhere. The food stalls also served mango-inspired dishes, such as mango cake, mango juice, ice cream, and mango delight.

Networking Opportunities:

The Mango Fest served as a dynamic networking platform for participants from diverse backgrounds. Entrepreneurs had the chance to interact with industry leaders and potential investors, forging valuable connections that could propel their ventures to new heights. Professionals in the industry explored collaboration opportunities, while mango enthusiasts found like-minded individuals to share their passion and experience about Entrepreneurial intentions.

Cultural dance performance

 The cultural dance performances were the highlight of the event. There were performances from different regions of the country, like Gilgit, Punjab, and Sindh, the performances were a great way to showcase the diversity of cultures in the region.

The international student performances were also a blockbuster hit. Students from different countries performed songs and dances from their homeland. The performances were a great way to learn about different cultures and to celebrate the assortment of the student body at SEE Pakistan.

Innovative Competitions:

The festival also encouraged innovation and creativity with exciting competitions. The “Mango Recipe Challenge” and mango cutting competition, brought out the culinary talents of participants as they presented their unique mango-inspired recipes. Another thrilling event, the “Mango Art Exhibition,” displayed stunning artworks created by talented artists, each piece inspired by the golden fruit. There were also cultural dance performances from the student.

In keeping with Ejad Labs’ commitment to sustainability and SEE Pakistan’s promoting entrepreneurship and innovation advocacy, Mango Fest 2023 emphasized the importance of eco-friendly practices.


We would like to thank SEE Pakistan and Ejad Labs for organizing such a wonderful event. We would also like to thank the attendees for making the event a success. We hope that we can all come together again next year to celebrate the king of fruits! If you missed the Mango Fest 2023, don’t worry! There will be another one next year. In the meantime, you can enjoy mangoes in all its delicious forms.