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Gaining Power of Belief

Imran Munir

09 August, 2023

Gaining Power of Belief

Hello everyone! One day, I was sitting on the terrace, silent with a cup of tea. After a long time, I found to spare a few minutes and relax with Silence. In between, I found – A sparrow was struggling in making her nest. I was watching her – how was she plugging stems and busy in making her nest. No No! It’s not a Sparrow Story —– I was watching her and thinking – She must be confident and have trust that she will or she can build a nest and probably she believed on herself that she can build the nest in the best way and she believed on her efforts that this nest will capable to keep her family safe. It’s my assumption that she was working with this belief that after some time, she will be able to have a strong and safe nest for her family. This scene put me in deep thought “Can we really Believe in ourselves and work with that confidence that we will succeed.” Here, the sparrow didn’t complete the nest in the first attempt. She tried hard and continued the efforts to make it happened.


For a moment, I was fighting with my brain and we both were exchanging questions:


• Who Am I?

• Can I define myself?

• What can I do?

• What’s the purpose of my life?

• What am I doing now?

• What have I achieved?


Oh! My God — I was embarrassed that I’ve nothing to say for myself, Ah! It messed up my mind for a few minutes – really disaster —- feeling like frustrated. I stopped myself and take a long breath and rewind my memories and start thinking myself in a positive tone and with the approach – “Okay! Let’s evaluate me”. It was really difficult for me to accept “Who Am I”, “Where Am I”, What have I”? This short exercise helped me in identifying my strength and weaknesses. In the next few days, I’ve explored a lot about myself and happy to find my strength besides a lot of weaknesses. This story led me to create my own journey. I’d summed up all in three words


— Believe in Yourself —


Word Believe means “TRUST” Or Firm belief in the reliability or the ability of someone —- We can say “Believe” is actually “to have confidence in Truth”, the Existence Or the reliability of something

Well! Let’s assume that believe is the “TRUST” So I can say >

“BELIEVE IN YOURSELF”                 means                   “TRUST IN YOURSELF”

Are we really trust in ourselves? In real means, we lie with ourselves and live with dummy perception

Where, we’re the master of everything – we’re the champion of every game – where we’re the strongest person among humankind. Really does means.

I love the statement of Bruce Lee – He Said about believe in yourself that


“Always be yourself and have faith in yourself. Don’t go out and look for a successful personality and try to duplicate it.”


Many of you have heard about or listen to this story – “An Elephant with a Rope”.  Once a man was passing the circus area where the elephant’s camps were installed. He saw that the Elephants in the camp were not chained or caged but tied only by a rope to their leg which wasn’t enough to hold them. He was surprised by the reaction of the Elephants who really didn’t escape in fact they can easily break the rope. This curiosity led him to ask the trainer near the camp. The trainer replied, “When they are very young and much smaller. We use the same size of rope and tie them. At that age, it’s enough to hold them. With the passage of time, they were grown up and still tied with the same capacity of rope. Their belief was that they can’t break it. That belief was developed from the childhood. Now, they never try to break it but to believe that this rope can still hold them. The man was amazed. These animals could at any time break free from their bonds but because they believed they couldn’t, they were stuck right where they were.

elephant with a rope - carbs


This is what happening with us. Unfortunately, many of us are just following the others in choosing school, career, direction, decision, even life. We never ever focus on ourselves. What abilities we have? What strengths we have? What weaknesses are there to improve? We’re following the others, other statements, other advises, other guidelines from childhood.


What a beautiful statement, said by Roy T. Bennett,


“Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself”


So, Question is – “How to believe in yourself?” –
A journey of believing in yourself will start as early as you will start identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Strengths will lead you to find “What is rightful for you” and weakness will help you to improve further. Very tough to say! It’s not easy as stated here!


See! It’s very detailed discussion, if I will start writing – it can never end. Let me conclude here with few tips which help you in doing this exercise – “Believing in yourself”


  1. Acceptance > Very hard work to accept whatever you have in your pocket. Let’s practice accepting what you have, that may start convert your weakness into opportunities and then become your strength but if you really admit or accept.
  2. Bigger Plate > Think Big. Create vision for yourself. Develop strategy and make it happen thorough execution plan. Consistency is the key part of your bigger plate during execution.
  3. Consistency > Consistency is playing key role in your vision. If you are continuously working on your weakness and converting into strength beside all challenges, you will be successful.
  4. Trust > Trust is the main element in your belief. Trust that you have all courage, power, energy and confidence. Rumi Says, “Everything in the Universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.” Question is – You need to explore yourself.
  5. Fear > Fear stands for “False Evidence that Appears Real”. Let fear factor away from your dreams, your plans. Take a breath and dive into deep water without any distress because you are the best “Diver” of yourself.
  6. Positivity > Acceptance, vision, trust, consistency, all belong to or link with your brain. If you are with positive thoughts, you will be appreciating yourself unless negativity depreciate everything.


If you really find out yourself in true means you’ve to take “One Step” towards the Success —–


Ability to Explore Yourself > Leads to identify the Strength (you have) and Weaknesses (you have). It’s not embarrassing if you are weak in a few areas. Actually! these are the Opportunities for you if you really face them with Positive Approach. In business terms, you are doing SWOT analysis —

Strength + Weaknesses       =       Opportunities + Threats

Imran Munir

Imran Munir

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