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Dynamic Change of Tourism Under the Occurrence of Flood 2022

Hammad Akhtar

01 May, 2023

Dynamic Change of Tourism Under the Occurrence of Flood 2022

Pakistan is renowned for its abundance of tourist destinations, earning it the reputation as one of the world’s wealthiest countries in terms of tourist attractions. Our northern areas are often referred to as “Paradise on earth” by visitors. Tourists flock to these places seeking solace and tranquility, which are essential for the human spirit. Additionally, tourism plays a significant role in bolstering Pakistan’s economy.


Traveling is a passion that allows you to witness the unseen. It exposes you to different landscapes, cultures, and people, giving you ample time for self-reflection and planning for the future. While there are various modes of travel available such as airplanes, cars, motorbikes, and bicycles, the most commonly used means are cars, motorbikes, and bicycles, all of which rely on well-developed road infrastructure.


Unfortunately, despite the government’s efforts to explore new tourist destinations and invest in infrastructure to promote tourism, natural disasters such as recent floods have diverted attention from these priorities, forcing the country to focus on stabilizing the economy.


In recent years, we have witnessed the ability to minimize human losses (deaths and injuries) through early predictions, emergency preparedness, and effective response measures during floods, heavy rains, tsunamis, and other calamities. However, preventing damage to infrastructure during such disasters remains a challenge. These catastrophes place an additional burden on the economy, especially for low-income countries like ours that heavily rely on foreign aid. Such countries require additional funding for infrastructure rebuilding. The absence or destruction of infrastructure poses a significant barrier to attracting tourism.


According to a recent World Bank report, the 2022 flood in Pakistan caused economic losses of over USD 30 billion, with a reconstruction cost exceeding USD 16 billion. Heavy rains resulted in the paralysis of approximately 60% of our infrastructure. Most areas and infrastructure in the Balochistan province have been devastated by floods and rainwater.


The tourism industry has been severely impacted by these recent floods and continuous heavy rains. Moreover, poverty has led to an increase in robberies and thefts, and the deteriorating law and order situation further exacerbates the fear among tourists.


The success of tourism depends on several factors, including the development of well-maintained infrastructure such as roads and bridges, reliable transportation options, effective law enforcement, combating corruption and moral policing, capacity building of industry professionals, simplified visa procedures, and other rescue services.

Hammad Akhtar

Hammad Akhtar

Hammad Akhtar is an experienced development professional, currently serving as the General Manager Programs at Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan where he has been responsible for managing and overseeing the implementation of various development projects.



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