CMACED – Signs MOU with Social Innovation Lab (SIL)

CMACED is a quintessential and a verve enterprise with an aim to form an entrepreneurial mindset. This place gears the students with certainty, expertise, and gizmo to turn an entrepreneurial idea into a growing reality. We always believe in joining hands to bring social and economic growth because

Competition makes us faster; collaboration makes us better.

Superior University is recognized as a leading entrepreneurial university, this is all because of the untiring efforts of the Rector Superior University, Dr. Sumaira Rehman. It was her vision and mission all along to become an entrepreneurial university and equipaging the passion and innovation of our young people and help them make Pakistan economically and socially superior.

Social Innovation Lab and CMACED joined hands together to make a bigger impact for socio economic development by supporting innovative Startups. The Social Innovation Lab is a testing ground for driven young entrepreneurs to tackle the existing social changes by combining humanistic knowledge with sustainable business practices. They catalyze the reimagination and remodeling of contemporary societies. Social Innovation Lab also has an incubator named ‘The Hatchery’. This MOU is signed by Ms. Zarene Zuberi, Country Head of SIL and Mr. Muneeb Ahmed, Deputy Director, CMACED. Further, Ms. Tabinda Usman, Assistant Director and Mr. Saud Nadeem, Executive PR and Marketing from CMACED were also part of this collaborative discussion.