Champions are Champions! “Get Out Polio” another Star of CMACED- Superior University

Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Centre for Entrepreneurship Development: A University wide initiative by Superior University aiming to build the entrepreneurial mindset of youth. The centre helps to build the competency of students and alumni to form entrepreneurial ventures which further can create economic and social value side by side. Therefore, CMACED’s intent is to bring forward entrepreneurial psyche and form SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to make Pakistan economically superior.

The centre endows its students with inevitability, proficiency and tools to shift an idea into a flourishing reality. CMACED organizes workshops, discussion forums, seminars and frequent sessions as well to guide/council on specific things, such as; e-commerce, entrepreneurship basics and impulsive agility throughout the year time. Back in 2015, Venture Cup Denmark entertained first University Startup World Cup globally with around 37 university startups. It had a huge success and gratitude due to that VCD kept on running till date in Denmark.  The goal of University Startup World Cup is to feature the best of best startups around the globe. CMACED is proud to be a country partner of USWC 2020. This is a platform which helps startup to flourish and expand. In this platform 60-70 countries participates every year.  On that account, a passionate entrepreneur’s team participated in Venture Cup Denmark in 2019 and the team named Medeers represented Pakistan as semifinalists. Similarly, the team

Get Out Polio participated in University Startup World Cup in 2020 and reached to the finalists round. This is a great achievement of Superior and CMACED, as Superior University is providing a golden chance to their young entrepreneurs and startups to get recognized internationally. 

The Venture Cup Denmark (University Startup World Cup in 2020) is going to be arranged in Wenzhou China on 17th – 20th of October. Well, this is going to be a lifetime opportunity for the young entrepreneurs to race with the ecosystem key players of China including; student startups, entrepreneurs, investors and existing companies. Thus, around 60 amongst the best startups of university level are going to participate and it will be confirmed as a depicting point for the startups.

Nevertheless, Get Out Polio the startup of Entrepreneurship Teaching and Training Program is a great initiative as the team had an ideology, “Pakistan is considered the exporter of polio virus to endemic countries with highest number of polio cases in recent years. In last two decades, lots of efforts have been made in Pakistan for a polio free country but still struggling.” So, the team tried to come up with the solution of the problem to fight with polio, with their huge efforts and sense of accountability they have been selected as finalist for University Startup World Cup 2020 that is being held in China.

CMACED provided the platform to bring out the cause at international level. CMACED is playing a vital role as a country partner of VCD. This is a best platform for the startups at university level providing them the opportunity of applying to get into the competition. CMACED appreciates all the local or university level startups and the key players of entrepreneurial eco systems to build economic, sustainable and socially secure Pakistan.