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Can Pakistan become the World’s Best Tourist Destination?

Natasha Saman

28 April, 2023

Can Pakistan become the World’s Best Tourist Destination

The tourism industry plays a vital role in any nation’s economy and is expanding rapidly worldwide. Pakistan, with its cultural diversity, strategic location, stunning landscapes, green mountains and valleys, mystical blue seas, and vast deserts, holds great potential for tourism.


However, despite possessing all the necessary tourist attractions, Pakistan’s tourism potential remains untapped, as it currently ranks 83rd in the International Travel and Tourism Development Index. To become a preferred destination for tourists, Pakistan needs to take practical steps, including ensuring a stable economy and a safe environment for travelers.


To provide a peaceful environment for tourists to enjoy their vacations, the government must prioritize tourists’ safety during their travels and in tourist areas. Pakistan’s image has been marred by sectarian issues and terrorist attacks, but launching operations against terrorists will bring peace to the country. Furthermore, political stability is crucial for enhancing the country’s foreign reputation.


Pakistan should seize global platforms such as e-portals, websites, social media, international conferences, fairs, and workshops to showcase its culture, history, strength, and talent. Initiating a vibrant campaign to promote its positive image globally will help attract more tourists. Moreover, the growth of the industry relies on international tourists’ spending on flights, hotels, and car rentals, thereby boosting the country’s economy and GDP development. To attract more tourists, Pakistan should target neighboring nations like China and Iran, and the visa policy needs to be more tourist-friendly.


The government should provide opportunities for tourism by offering reasonably priced hotel amenities and a high-quality transportation system, eliminating overcharging for lodging. Pakistan has beautiful villages that can serve as attractive tourist attractions, and the government should actively promote the concept of village tourism.


Establishing educational institutions that provide tourism management education and introducing new courses at the university level, such as International Tourism Management with Professional Practice, will educate the next generation about the importance of tourism. Capacity building training programs and guest service training for tourism personnel will also play a crucial role in attracting more tourists.


By implementing these measures, Pakistan can position itself as one of the top tourist destinations globally.

Natasha Saman

Natasha Saman

Natasha Saman is a PhD Scholar at Superior University Lahore. Her research interests include work engagement, thriving, prosocial motivation, and subjective well-being in tourism and other sectors of economy.



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