3U1M – Redefining Career Readiness in the 21st Century – by CMACED

Superior University is a quintessential university due to its innovative approach to ensure student success and driving excellence in learning, innovation & research. This University is all about transmuting the lives of students to ultimate success. 3U1M augments the right blend of knowledge, skills and positive attitude in our youth. This is a research intent framework which is stemmed from Stanford University, California. 3U1M is nurturing students with 3 years of educational epoch and 1 year of experiential learning for the students by linking them with the industry where real-time challenges are taken & solutions are drawn, this one year is explicitly to burgeon 21st century market ready graduates.

 The idiosyncratic elements in student success incorporate employability, bringing innovation in an existing business or our student’s effectiveness in higher education and this whole process starts from their mind mapping. Through freshman program we outset the mind mapping of students in which we up-skill them with soft skills, which further includes Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Social Networking, IQ accelerators and different programs through which we inculcate them that how the business works through competency based curriculum and application based learning and their whole journey towards an astounding entrepreneurial world.

Superior University, CMACED has a unique innovative ecosystem. In the year of innovation and entrepreneurship, we indoctrinate the students to be socially responsible and help them to shape their minds towards entrepreneurial mindsets and metamorphose the mindset of a lay man to a progressive mindset through Entrepreneurial Teaching and Training Program (ETTP) and Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP). Social entrepreneurship capstone project (Active citizenship) to teach civic entrepreneurship and exposition of new ideas.

After a one succeeding Market Intensive Year, we proffer the students a slipstream which encompasses 3 segments Startup, Scale up, Design Challenge. In Startup, the track provides an excellent opportunity of forming teams, constructing business models, talking with the partners and customers and assessing feasibility while launching a new venture or initiative. We render incubation center facility to the students who espouse startup where they will mature their business ideas and trot their businesses to a whole new pace. In one year of meritorious growth we have 28 successful startups and 84 employees in generated in 3 months. Investment in the last 3 months was 10 Million+ and revenue generated in 3 months was is 2 Million.

In Accelerator Program, we bring innovation (including an automation or introducing a new line of product) in an existing business e.g. their traditional businesses or student’s own businesses started earlier. It includes a peculiar acceleration program which is called Scale Up Pk. This track offers students a chance to identify, shortlist, choose and implement the best possible growth strategy to scale-up existing businesses. Investment in 2021 from Jan – June 2021, is 21 Million, we employed 186 Million and a 7.5 Million of revenue is generated. The third segment is called Design Challenge in which the students come up with a solution for a problem communicated by the industry which basically leads to Job creation. There is a department of DPRC (Department of Public Relation and Communications) which is specially designed to support the students od Design Challenge Program in terms of Employability. In design challenge we have 701 projects in fall and 145 projects in spring.1176 students trained rigorously on Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship for experiential market understanding.

This is a scrutinized, buoyant and a successful framework and from past one year and the university has been working with it and it is implemented in 8 departments and 15 programs. Superior University is developing Human Capital rather than factory of unemployed graduates.Through this program we are arduous to shrunken the industry academia gap too. This stirring technique is research oriented and this ingenious approach is helping us in producing 21st century ready graduates for the society. We not only just aim to flourish and nift our university students but we want it to spread into each city of Pakistan so that every child can be skillful and perspicacious and can stand on their own. We are hankering to bring out a positive change in our education and hauling for the expansion/ progress in Pakistan’s economic growth.