Initial Screening Round

Innovation in Teaching Pedagogies can initiate Change

Superior University is a prestigious institution that takes a unique approach to ensure student success and promote excellence in learning, innovation, and research. The Chaudhary Muhammad Akram Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CMACED) is a vibrant institution of this university dedicated to helping students achieve their goals. It has always been at the forefront of the entrepreneurship movement to provide an example for others on how mindsets evolve for the greater good of making Pakistan economically superior. We are firm believers in working together to achieve social and economic progress.

CMACED is a forerunner in developing and advancing entrepreneurial education methods. The entrepreneurial mindset in action, idea generation, prototyping, poster exhibition, entrepreneurial forum, business model, and art of the pitch are among our seven-tiered pedagogies for teaching entrepreneurship. CMACED’s Entrepreneurial Teaching and Training Program‘s Initial Screening Round (ISR) is an excellent example of an innovative teaching method (ETTP). It’s the most effective method for locating the most inventive startup ideas. ISR encourages students to construct prototypes for proposed business/startup ideas in addition to professionalizing each proposal.

It is an ultimate way to filter the astonishing student startup ideas presented at Superior Entrepreneurial Expo. The main objectives of this Assessment are to screen the best entrepreneurial ideas for the Superior Entrepreneurial Expo and connect the startup teams with the entrepreneurial community. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset in Pakistan to foster the growth of small and medium businesses can be a key indicator of economic and social development.

ISR is an initial screening round of the startups in the Entrepreneurial Teaching & Training Program cycle. CMACED organized ISR 2022 from 16th May – to 24th May. The students from the diversified departments of Superior University, i.e., MS, Aviation Management, Mass Communication, Architecture, Interior Designing, Textile Designing, Pharmacy, Electrical Engineering, CS, IT, Software Engineering, Hospitality & Management, Bio-Technology, Bio-Chemistry, Micro Biology, Optometry, Human Nutrition & Dietetics, Medical Imaging Technology, Human Nutrition & Dietetics, and Medical Lab Sciences presented their innovative startup ideas. In total, 19 departments and ten faculties participated in it. There was a total of 318 Projects which got evaluated by esteemed judges. 2200+ students participated in ISR, and a total of 113 coaches and 21 remarkable instructors prepared them for this round. The Initial Screening Round Projects were divided into four categories, e.g., Social, Economic, Environmental, and Health.

Out of sixty-seven venerated evaluators, 39 evaluators came from the industry and were market experts, and 28 evaluators from within the university shared their valuable insights and feedback to strengthen student business ideas and make them successful future entrepreneurs. In the last four years, the CMACED- ETTP has incubated various startups that have generated a number of jobs. Entrepreneurship for the students and faculty is not the only thing CMACED is doing; it is also putting efforts nationwide through its different projects to bring entrepreneurial revolution. Despite promising trends, Pakistan still has a long way to go before it can call itself a mature startup market.

Superior University’s objective is to make Pakistan economically and socially superior via the application of extraordinary concepts that are extremely useful to our country. The ecosystem is flourishing, more young people are viewing entrepreneurship as a viable career path, and the country’s investment environment is taking shape. Because a majority of our youth are jobless due to a lack of work opportunities in the market, there is an urgent need for entrepreneurs and young people who can create jobs, and only then can we think of making Pakistan progressive.